Howdy Y’all! I hope this Friday is going swell! It is that time of month again, update the weight calendar, confess my sins, ask for forgiveness, then set new goals. I usually post this blog on the first of the month but tomorrow is Saturday and I have a busy busy weekend; depending on where you are on this globe, it just may be Saturday but as of right now, it is Friday, March 31, 2017!

So lets just jump right into this and confess our sins of the month:

This month I went from busy to super busy…… not only has my school load increase, but my son’s schedule has increased. He officially has swim lessons twice a week for eight weeks and then gymnastic class once a week, and also they have open gym on Friday’s, he has been to every other one.   I STARTED SWIMMING AGAIN, last week! AH I have missed it so much but man am I outta shape. It feels amazing to be doing something I actually love and swimming is the best stress reliever. I literally have nothing on my mind in the pool, I am at my center and in my zone when I am swimming! I swim an hour at least four days a week. My best friend is going to join with me so we can start going to the gym and free classes together. They also have a boot camp which is included in my membership! Up until swimming again, I lacked on working out the first two weeks of this month, and my weight will reflect this… lets bring up the calendar: This month,


Let me break these numbers down:

From the first until the seventeenth, I only lost 2.7 pounds.. yikes

and then from the eighteenth until now, I lost 7.8 pounds; for a grand total of 10.5!

My goal I set last month was 11 pounds, so I was half a pound away, ugh. Oh well I have high hopes for April. It’s my son’s b-day month and I will be working my tail off in the pool!  The Good News is, I am more than half way now to my final goal!!!! YAY according to my fav. app, I am 54.5 % done! I have 32.5 pounds to go by June!  Slowly but surely, I am doing it.




-11 pounds

– swim 3 days a week, and gym twice

-keep on track on the diet

-Hunter’s b-day!

Thursday: Another Q&A

Hi Y’all!!! Friends..

There are no such thing as strangers, only friends who haven’t met yet. 😉

If you don’t know me… well buckle up you’re about to get to know some of me, and if you have been reading my blog, I hope you already get a feel of who I am. Plus, I have noticed… Thursday’s I seem to post Q&A’S… AT first it was not planned but I guess I am unoriginal on Thursday’s. Sorry.

While very unoriginal, I always love reading q&a’s, I am not sure why but people’s answers you can always search into their histories. Okay enough ranting here are 25 questions….

1. What is your middle name? 


2. Share your favorite subject in high school.

Swimming, or anything athletic… other than that I made good grades but school was social for me… I just somehow was smart, thank you mom and dad, and managed to pull off  graduating in the top (in the very back of the top) part of my class.. ha. 

3. What is your Favorite drink? 

Water with LEMON!

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?

Hmmm… this is very hard because music is life. it is always on and my playlist is a HUGE MELTING POT of genres! I do not discriminate, especially not music. I always identify with every song, or find ways to! 

But here are a few songs always on repeat:

My name is Human- Highly Suspect

You Don’t Own Me- Grace


5. What would you (or have you) name your children?

Our son’s name is Hunter…

When we have other children or adopt…. We have talked about several names

Boy: Parker, or my fav, Fischer (but he would probably be made fun of), Conner

Girl: Gemma Nicole, or there was another name my husband picked that I liked but I can’t remember, whoops. 

6. Have you  participated in any sports?

yes: Swimming, track, volleyball, dancing, cheerleading

7. What is your favorite book?



8. What is your favorite color?


9. What is your favorite animal?

Dogs and Chickens, but dogs more

10. What is your favorite perfume?

I think I answered this already but 


11. What is your favorite holiday?

Is it possible to not like holidays?!  maybe the fourth of july because it is in the summer and I love the summer!

12. On a scale from 1 – 10, rate your childhood.

100! Thank you mom and dad! They always put their kids first! They made sure we were raised with respect and lots of responsibility. They trusted us enough to have our own space, but they still monitored us. They loved us unconditionally and always stuck to their word.  My parents were firm believers in: If you tell us the truth, there is no way we can punish you (to an extent) but the minute you lie, its done and that trust is broken. I don’t know how, but my parents raised us to be truthful and open with them.. they were the best parents and though my dad can’t read this anymore, if my mom ever comes across this blog, know, I love you more than you ever know and who I am as a mother, wife, student and woman is a direct reflection of you and Dad’s love. Thank you for my life, y’all did more than enough, and one day I am going to take care of you when I get the chance to!  

13. Have you been out of the country?


14. Do you speak any different languages?

I can speak Spanish. Enough that I can ease drop sometimes and know what people around me are saying. I can listen to Spanish and understand more than I can speak… my brain hasn’t learned how to process that yet. I have just completed 8 hours of Spanish and have another 6 to do… moving into intermediate Spanish.. hahaha. 

15. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, four. 

16. What is your favorite store?

Hobby Lobby!

17. What is your favorite restaurant?

Lupe Tortillas 

18. Did you like school?

I did

19. What’s the last compliment you got?

lol my poor husband.. 

“your legs are looking good”

I hate being complimented, I know its my insecurities… like coming from my hubby, sometimes I feel like he only says things to make me feel good.. even though he might mean it… he has called me out literally last night for never accepting his compliments. It is something I need to work on. 

and yes, i have noticed a lot of changes in my thighs… but I still don’t feel good enough to be complimented yet.. if that makes sense.


20. What is your favorite movie?


21. What are some of your favorite tv shows?

The Walking Dead. I hate TV it is all shit now.

22. PC or mac?


23. What phone do you have?

Iphone 7+

24. How tall are you?


25. Do you have any pets?

Dogs, chickens, pigs, goats, ducks.

Wednesday: Truth

Well Hi Y’all!!!


I know I haven’t posted much…….. life has consumed me, last week was spring break and I actually spent it with my mother. We went to Round Top, Texas and shopped until we dropped! If y’all don’t know about the shopping there, google it. If you’re looking for rustic antique stuff, that is your place! and if you love Joanna Gaines as much as I do, this stuff is so Joanna, ha.

My son started swim lessons two days a week and gymnastics one day plus a Friday night out, type of program….. my weeks have been BUSY. Busy child, busy mom, plus school, plus a farm… remind me to breathe.

SO, now that we are caught up…. my weight.… this month…. ahhhhhh must I tell???!!!.

I think I have lost only like four pounds in the last three weeks… while it is still good because it isn’t a gain... I know I could have done better, I haven’t “worked out” since two weeks ago. Last week other than working around the farm, I kinda really lost it. Then last week on spring break,  I did eat PIZZA, a chickfila chicken biscuit, and half of my serving at the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory.  I know, I know… but we are being honest here! The great news is, I am back on it this week and I joined the local YMCA to start SWIMMING AGAIN!!! AHHH my true love! I was a swimmer for 14 years and I miss that exercise so much! So the days my son goes to swim, I will swim for an hour, yay. Other days I can go to the gym and take any of the classes they offer, plus they have free childcare while you’re working out up to two hours a day. SWEET!

Let me tell ya, shopping for competitive swim suits (for lap swimming) was depressing… I still remember my suit size, and well I have gone up SEVERAL sizes since High School… ahhhhh, there is my motivation. I am just teasing, I know I am not the young girl I once was and probably will never be as athletic again, but it still hurts my heart that I allowed myself to gain weight considering how healthy and athletic I once was! Oh well life….

I promise I will do better this next coming week to produce more blogs.. I just haven’t felt inspired much. Maybe my mother distracts me or life consumed me, but the focus is back, the struggles are still real, but I am still fighting!!!!

Until next time, with all my love,


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

–Thomas Edison



HI y’all, if y’all have never heard of a chicken tractor it is basically a portable coop that allows you chickens to free range while staying safe from predators. Some tractors might have wheels, we added handles to two sides. Each day, (later on) we will rotate out the chickens daily and move the tractor around the field to let them graze during the day, until then, we are using it as a portable chicken coop to grow the baby chicks in. (no not at first they’re in a brooder we made).


We had no drawn out plans, or dimensions. We saw a video on YouTube, I drew out what I thought would work and we made that dream come to life! So if you’re looking for a cheaper coop to build or a smaller one, look no further. It took us about maybe four hours to complete, but mind you, we had no plans at all, we were making this up as we went!

I uploaded a video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOemXeMnAeg

Materials needed:

  • 2-Five foot 2×4
  • 7- 8 Foot 2×4
  • 2- 10 ft 2×4 (cut in half to five foot pieces)
  • 5-1×4 (8ft)
  • 5-3/4 in by 10 ft PVC
  • 3/4 in Conduit Straps (at least 15, lowes has a pack of 10, so get two packs)
  • Chicken wire
  • 8 Inch Zip Ties
  • Hinges
  • Handles (if doing the tractor)
  • Screws (we used 1 in, 1.5 inch, and 2.5inch)
  • Tarp
  • Staples
  • (4)90 degree Galvanized Steel Angle (for door frame)

Tools Needed:

  • Drill
  • Staple Gun
  • Miter Saw

And this is how we built it:


First we framed out the bottom because DUH. We used two- 8 ft 2×4’s, and 2-5 ft 2×4’s!



We added the two end PVC pipes by strapping them on the wood with the conduit straps, after we added those, we cut the braces for the side of the coop.


We framed out the door ways and added the support beam, screwing the PVC pipes all the way down with more conduit straps. NOW FORGIVE ME, but I did not measure this, we did it by eyeballing and cutting as we went, which honestly is why one door frame looks funny. AMATEURS i’ll tell ya.17202895_10154308302495887_8851803240184728524_n

After pretty much the structure was built we had left over wood and pvc, so this is what we built: A roost

17156062_10154308302370887_7219885174775588708_n (1)Then time for the doors

Time to wrap this up!

Add the chicken wire around the whole coop, you will have to manipulate it! then the tarp! AFTER screw a 1×4 to each

side to secure the chicken wire and tarp!

17156238_10154308302025887_1948128971067024811_n (1).

Side note: I used left over conduit straps as door handles! And we added two hooks to the support beam to hang heat lamps!

Happy Chicks!

17309179_10154308301885887_4441403068643088332_n (1)17264305_10154308301890887_4889248284066119484_n (1)17264619_10154308301860887_6262803195619741231_n (1)17309138_10154308301875887_7953611869982063561_n (1)

Thursday Q & A’s

If you have any fun questions for me, leave them in a comment below! I will tag your blog in the next Q&A post! 🙂 Happy reading, we’re almost done with the week!

32 Random Questions:

1.) Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?.

I have two closets in our room, mine stays shut, ALWAYS; my husband can never shut his door, so it depends if I shut it before laying down or not! 🙂
2.) Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?

No I can’t say I do, my sister does! 
3.) Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?.

I don’t put the flat sheet on my bed, ha! Only the guest bed has them, I find them annoying!
4.) Have you ever stolen a street sign?

5.) Do you cut out coupons and then never use them?

6.) Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?

bees, please.
7.)Do you always smile for pictures?

8.) Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

I have.
9.) Have you ever peed in the woods?

lol yes, I live in the woods, what ya think.
10.) Do you still watch cartoons?

if I am with my son.
11.) Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

HMMM, it wouldn’t be hidden if I said, now would it?!
12.) What do you drink with dinner?

WATER, 24/7.
13.) What do you dip a chicken nugget in?

14.) What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

15.) Were you ever a girl scout?

16.) Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

How much money are we talking.
17.) Can you change the oil on your car?

No, but I can check it. hehe.
18.) Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

19.) Afraid of heights?

yes and no?!
20.) Do you sing in the car?

21.) Is Christmas stressful?

it can be, but I prepare early.
22.) Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid.

Tornado chaser
23.) Do you believe in ghosts?


24.) The first concert you ever went to.

Brittney spears.

25.) Walmart, Target, or Kmart?

26.) Nike or Adidas?

27.) Can you curl your tongue?

28.) Have you ever cried because you were so happy?

29.) The last concert you saw?

Hmmm, whatever concert it was at the rodeo last year.
30.) Can you swim well?

i was a swimmer for 14 years and captain of my high school swim team. 
31.) Can you knit of crochet?

no. I am not that domesticated.
32.) Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I hate cats, and I have three dogs (five at one point), you tell me. 


  • Coming up soon on the blog- How to build a cheap DIY chicken tractor and how getting married young changes everything! Plus, I will be updating my weight loss journey next week! Happy Thursday yall. Remember, be good or be good at it!

Welcome To The Farm

One thing I spend most my time on is the lives I am responsible for keeping alive, not just human lives but animals who are family. I love each one of these creatures, they all have their own personalities. My husband doesn’t understand why I keep wanting more animals if I don’t ever plan on eating them (EXCEPT THE EGGS). The best way I explained to him was, I form a relationship with my babies and they trust me, I could never EAT ANYTHING that once had trust in me lol. I REALLY WANT turkeys, but my husband doesn’t understand the “point” in raising turkeys. I grew up on my little farm! I once had all of this as a kid, I was raised taking care and loving animals and it is something I want for my son. It is hard-smelly never ending work, but I love this life! Here are some of my babies (not including my dog boys)

My Pigs names are: Piggy Minaj (top black pig), Piggy Smalls (black pig, pink nose), and Kevin Bacon (the white pig).

My goats names are Billy & Bob.

And we don’t name the chickens, they’re called chicken lol.

Later on this week I am building a DIY Chicken Tractor, which I am gonna post online, if you’re into chickens, you might want to check it out! 😉 happy Tuesday, y’all!

Work Out Playlist: Continued

Happy Monday Y’all! We had a busy weekend! We are building onto our chicken coop and adding a  300 Sq. ft run, we had to draw up the plans and take measurements. We also went and got materials to build a chicken tractor, but we ran out of day light yesterday! So when my husband gets home, hopefully at a decent time, we will start on it today! BECAUSE I ADDED 20 NEW CHICKS TO THE FARM! Other than adding more things to my to do list, I have been .3 pounds away, POINT THREE, from THIRTY POUNDS, since WEEK!! UGH. I had my yearly woman exam, and the Doc said everything was great and is SUPER happy at my weight-loss, so yay on that!

Last month I wrote the first part of my playlist last month, so I will continue it here. My phone is full of all kinds of music! I listen to anything and everything, most of the time, its the beats that get me interested in a song first. I almost never listen to lyrics the first time I hear a song!

In random order:

  1. The Hills (feat Eminem) [REMIX]- The Weeknd
  2. Runaway Train-Cam
  3. 25 to Life- Eminem
  4. The Worst- Jhene Aiko
  5. Step Off- Kacey Musgraves(EVERY SONG BY her really! I love her! She is a fellow Texan with an attitude much like mine. The first time I ever heard of her or ever saw her talent in person was at a  JAB fest.  in Austin, Texas at Nutty Brown Cafe, back in I want to say 2011/2012, maybe 2010, I can’t remember….. Oh the festival days…Any day I am having a bad day I can listen to her or Josh Abbott Band, instantly brings me to happy times. )
  6. You Don’t Own Me- Grace
  7. Partition-Beyonce
  8. My Name is Human-Highly Suspect
  9. Erase Me- Kid Cudi & Kanye West
  10. You Wouldn’t Know Me- Miranda Lambert
  11. Renegade Runaway
  12. Who Am I living For?- Katy Perry
  13. This Love- Maroon 5
  14. Just A Girl-No Doubt
  15. Creep-Radiohead
  16. Sabotage-Beastie Boys
  17. Every Morning- Sugar Ray
  18. Ophelia- The Lumineers
  19. Down-Marian Hill
  20. Work It-Missy Elliot
  21. Hips Don’t Lie-Shakira
  22. Move Ya Body- Nina Sky
  23. London Bridge-Fergie
  24. Stay-Zedd & Alessia Cara
  25. This Is What You Came For- Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna


MY GOODNESS! I can not believe it is already three months into the year already! I am finish with one of my eight-week courses this week and start another eight-week course next week! I am actually excited because it is a physical credit so that means I actually have a better reason to workout every day (maybe)! This month I did well! I reached my goal of ten pounds I set for myself last month! I didn’t workout as much as last month, I can no lie. The last, I want to say two weeks I have been so consumed in class work!! Sometimes taking online classes are hard, since you have to teach yourself, especially taking more than 12 hrs at a time! ANYWHO, lets get to last months weight-loss and this months new goals! DRUM ROLL PLEASE….16998911_10154273730595887_353083002971540815_n.jpg

ALMOST 12 pounds, not to bad! This brings me to a total of 29 pounds even since December 30,2016!!!

March’s Goals:

  • Weight loss: 11 pounds, which will set me at 40 pounds and 20 pounds to go!
  • I need to get more active again, between college and not having the energy, Feb. I slacked on this.
  • Diet: I am doing pretty well sticking to a low-carb diet, however some days I just don’t feel like eating and barley eat. So I need to make sure I am reaching my calorie goal this month!!!!!
  • SCHOOL: keep on keepin’ on!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful day, we are half way through the week!


My Journey With PCOS: Part One

As a young bride back before 2010, pap smears were recommended before the age of 21. My mom always made sure to encourage me to take control of my health from a young age.  Ever since I have been 18, I went to my “woman” doctor yearly, still to this day. Luckily when I was 19, the doctor told me that I did not need to get a pap smear until after I was 21, so at that appointment I was relieved. That yearly check up went well, my doctor said if I hear back from them, then something showed up but no news, was good news.

A year later in 2011, I go in for my yearly. But this year I knew I was gonna judged for my obvious weight gain.  At the time, I didn’t know how much I had gained, and I didn’t know why. I refused to own a scale, I stopped looking in the mirror, and I kept buying new jeans and giving my outgrown ones to my smaller best friend.  I just figured I went from being very active in my waitress/bar-tending job(s) to sedentary with my new banking job. I also knew, my husband and I were struggling paying bills, and I had received F’s in my classes for not showing up, so I had to choose to drop out. When I was bar tending, sometimes I wouldn’t get off until after 3 AM, my first class was at 8 AM and I lived about 40 minutes away from the college. It didn’t help that my professor was an elderly monotone dude, insert “BUELLER” reference here.  xwgd69t I was stressed.  At the age of 19, I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew. Food helped deal with my struggles and alcohol made me forget them. I had to figure out a way to pay my bills and afford to eat, I was working at a new job I hated that paid me shit, I was taking care of my father, between running him to Houston (an hr away) for his DR. appts, to picking up his medicine and delivering it to him (30 min outta my way), I had given up my hopes for a college education and lets be honest, I was an irresponsible child, playing a role of someone who was grown. I was broke because irresponsible choices, buying alcohol (my husband is five years older than me) and always eating out! We also use to buy random shit like a KIRBY VACUUM, tell me why I couldn’t pay my rent but I FINANCED A VACUUM?!?! Thank GOD for growing up and learning from your past!!!!!!!! Face palm, I WAS DUMB!!!! Please if you’re in a spot where you can save over spend at an early age, DO IT!!!! If I could go back and tell myself some advice as if I wasn’t taught these things; Those clothes aren’t gonna fit you in 6 years, that new car you had to have is gonna break down by the time you have your first kid, and that alcohol isn’t gonna save you from your life but add to your struggles and almost end everything completely, several times.

There was one time my father called me and asked me to bring him some fig newtons and sliced cheese, of course I was going to buy my dad some, but I only had five dollars to my (our) name, and I can’t recall what day it was but it wasn’t near pay-day. I was too embarrassed to tell my dad I was broke, so I didn’t. I used my last dollar and used the gas I knew I shouldn’t be using to bring him what he wanted. FIG NEWTONS are expensive if you aren’t aware, when you’re broke. So I bought the store brand, you know this man complained when I got there! My dad would have given me the world and his last dollar, but I was never gonna allow him to worry about me, I needed him to focus on getting better and my pride would never allow myself to ask ANYONE FOR HELP. From a young age I was determined to be independent. I started my first job at 12 baby sitting, at 15 life-guarding and working at a local small diner at 16 and by my senior year in high school, I had three job titles: waitress on the weekend, nanny after school Monday – Friday, and lifeguard on my day(s) off from taking care of the kids I watched. My random off-topic point being is that at a very young age, I stopped caring for myself and allowed myself to put other things and people before my own very health and mind-set, I have always chose to stay busy or medicate myself to hide my anxiety and stresses.

So back to that 2011 appt., the lady who called my name in the waiting room took me back and got my weight and vitals. She escorted me to a room and told me the Dr. would be right with me….. the Dr. comes in (now I can’t remember this part to the detail) but I had my exam, she asked the routine questions and then hit me with, concerns with my drastic fifty pound weight-gain and the way my ovaries looked. She said she believed that some of the things we talked about and the exam flagged her for signs of PCOS (I had no clue what she was talking about) but she would have to take me back and do a vaginal ultrasound to look at my ovaries, and I think they also did blood test but I am not sure (I’ve had so much blood drawn since, I can’t tell you which times I have or hadn’t), but I remember this ultrasound vividly, I can still feel the coldness of the room! She confirmed by ultrasound signs of cyst and typical looking PCOS ovaries and then she confirmed the diagnosis. I had something foreign called, PCOS.

Too be honest all I heard was, (possible) INFERTILITY, the rest of the appt is a blur, how she explained what PCOS was to me, I do not remember all I could think about is I may never have children with my husband. I was due to work later this day, but I had to call in, I was an emotional mess. Not only had I just been told what I had been avoiding, my weight gained hit 50 pounds but now I have some kinds of medical condition that I had never even heard of. I felt tainted, and I felt scared. I didn’t know where to go from there, my world shattered and what pieces to stick together first, I didn’t know.  A bullet had just shot me.


Ladies it is SO important to take control of your health and own your body! At the top of my page, I have a tab about PCOS and the symptoms. Talk with your Dr. if you’re experiencing several of these symptoms. PCOS is not a death sentence but to improve your life, you must understand your body. PCOS is manageable, it is not curable! 

*DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a medical professional, I am just a woman experiencing her struggles and experiences, all info on my blog comes from personal experiences and conversations with my doctors and tons of research over a course of several years*





Sorry GUYS! I have been so busy this week with school I haven’t had much time to log in and write, much less read anything other than two assigned books at last-minute. I PROMISE I WILL HAVE some good stuff coming up this week and weekend!

My husband’s birthday was Tuesday. My son and I baked him a cookie cake and I will tell you what, I can not bake for shit. I can cook all day long, turn nothing into an excellent meal but when it comes to the science of baking, forget about it. POOR dude, this is why I ALWAYS order a cake. But if we are being honest, I have been so busy with school since last Thursday, my nose in a book, I forgot my husband’s birthday! I mean I realized it was coming up but Monday night I was like OH SHIT, I didn’t order his cake. WHOOPS! I don’t know if it is the lack of carbs or what, but sometimes I am a complete [busy] airhead.

I hadn’t weighed myself since last week, but decided to this morning. I have been feeling so bloated lately, damn you PMS, looking at the numbers was the last thing I wanted to do. But a little to my surprise, not only have I hit the 25 pound mark, I’VE GONE A BIT OVER! Thrilled. I am about half way to where I wanna be. But to be honest, I just take it one day at a time.