Ready to FALL in love


But it is only August and I must be patient, but let it be known that my countdown to fall is ticking down! I start school next week, football is back on TV…. but it is still miserably hot with the humidity staying at 100%. UGH I am so ready for my favorite season, fall! There is nothing better than to be able to still wear shorts but have a long sleeve shirt on. BEST of BOTH worlds!


This fall, my son and I are flying to go see my sister up north and it will be both of our first time on a plane! I have already began planning cute fall outfits and packing organization tips-hacks because I will need all the help I can get since I will be traveling with my son alone and to be organize will help my sanity.

Okay school, Fall semester of 2017: for the first time since coming back, I am only taking 12 hours this semester. Usually I take at least 15 hrs, but I feel like just catching my breath. I don’t know about y’all but I love shopping for school supplies! When you’re in college, you don’t need much. For me to study successfully I have to have a planner, cute pens, highlighters, and flashcards! I have had the same two, one inch binders and folders for the last four semesters. I couldn’t help to think I will be shopping for a kindergartner next time this year! But in all seriousness, I have really enjoyed my 6 week break! It was much needed!


This fall I really want to finish up some projects around the farm. Summer here in Texas has made it impossible to accomplish the outside projects! I am very blessed to have A/C and that is where you will find me, if not lounging by a body of water! I also want to do a small remodel to our master bedroom and bathroom, so keep on the look out for before and after pics! But I will let ya know when that is happening.

|Bon Fires. Football. Hoodies. Hocus Pocus|

What are you most excited for, for this upcoming fall? Or what are your favorite past times during the fall times? Let me know below, and until next time, HUGS FROM TEXAS!


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