Blog/ Life updates:


I know, I have been very neglectful, but to be fair since the beginning of my summer break I took four courses in six weeks, so I was one busy mama! ONE OF THOSE COURSES WAS ADVANCED ANATOMY (I am a history major and accidentally signed up for this shit show), and I received my first “B” in that class, fml but hey I will take it!

Other big news: I got my IUD out in June, and while we aren’t trying to get pregnant now, we aren’t trying to not get pregnant for baby #2 ;). So perhaps instead of weight-loss updates, soon I will have a baby announcement to make. ¬†Speaking of the devil, WEIGHT LOSS, well guys since I last spoke with you I have lost 3 pounds since may! Hey it isn’t a gain, but in all honesty, my diet has sucked since June and I have stopped swimming (laps)! I will not lie but the great news is, I have been able to maintain my control over my diet. It hasn’t been the cleanest, but I still monitor how much I eat and my binge eating hasn’t come back even though I have slacked on my “clean eating.” The struggle is still so real, and I finally feel like I can breathe!

I promise to get back on the wagon again…. I have no excuses.

Until next update- with love from Texas,


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