Hi y’all! I’m coming to you from my bathtub. Yes that’s right, I’m soaking in some hot water and my child is napping…. it has been pouring rain since last night and I woke up to Aunt Flo arriving a week early bringing with her major cramps!!! 

Life updates: 

I started a three-week mini course and right as that finishes I’m taking nine hours the first four weeks of the summer….. why?! don’t ask me, but I tend to love stresssssss. 

Farm updates: This week we added three new babies to the farm, and they’re so precious! 

I also realized after bringing them home, they needed to be separated from our rambunctious bucks so I had to think fast and create a fence line…… Sunday afternoon was spent building this not so pretty, but pretty much free fenceline:

I still need to finish painting the chicken coop and build the overhang, but who focuses on one project at a time?!?

Anyway, I hope this week treats you well! After this bath, I want to take a nap but not sure if that will happen! Today is just not going to be a productive day but guess what, I don’t mind!! 
Hugs from Texas, 


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