Around the farm (updates)


We broke up so many pallets by hand and did the outside of the chicken coop. After we built the main back wall of the run… finishing it off with more pallets. (FREEEEEEE) okay we were trying to do this sucker cheap as possible, but I was tired of hammering pallets apart!!! I found a miter saw on sale at lowe’s and made the investment of a metal blade…. sawed right through those nails!!

Talk about workouts, I was lifting that heavy wood and so many 80 pound bags of concrete. ANDDDD I was my husband’s runner… if he needed water, if he forgot a tool up at the house, whatever he needed, I was always running.

I wanted to paint the back wall with the name of our farm, but I am now undecided… We are however pallet-ing off half of the wall on the left wall.. just like we did for the coop. We also trenched four feet into the ground and concreted that sucker… nothing is getting under this!

With one of the center beams for the roof structure we just made roosting poles!

(BTW: we got all of the pallets and center support beams for free; scavenging everywhere, asking everyone, and CL)

We still need to finish the side walls, 40% of the roof, and paint the chicken coop and poles…. Also we scored a really neat nesting box we need to install but I need to clean out the chicken coop and add new dirt and flooring in there!

we didn’t have anything to transport the chickens from our front yard to their new run and chicken coop.. so we threw them in the back of the truck and me and my son sat back there with them and fed them works… it was quite funny. (no animals were harmed)

the chicks grazing in the front yard


My son with his truck and his Daddy’s truck
Piggy Smalls escaped and found a mud hole by the house!


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