let’s talk….

Hi y’all,

I wanted to bring you my first ever, UPDATE PICTURE. AH I am so nervous… one, not even my husband knows my weight, but you’re about to see my hard work on the scale. Two, I am still so nervous to put myself out there, ya know…. There are only less than a handful of people, besides you all, who know about my efforts to overcome an eating addiction, poor choices and excuses, and my PCOS SYMPTOMS….  no one in my personal life knows about this blog and I like it that way…… it is easier to be judged by strangers than people I truly know, isn’t that weird.

Anyway, As you all know, I have been very very busy, but I have made it a real effort to start swimming 4-5 days a week an hr to an hr and fifteen minutes at a time! NOW, it has been about a month since I started, and I was a swimmer for 14 years, so swimming comes natural to me… I will share some of my work outs below, but I DO NOT SUGGEST ANYONE TO START OUT DOING LONG DISTANCE! As for the scale, it is still moving, not as fast, but it is moving! Having PCOS, I never thought I would be able to lose (a significant amount of) weight, so I never really gave it much effort, or stuck with it that is… But I am doing it, and if I can, SO CAN YOU. Never stop trying, never stop striving!

So here it is ladies and gent.. my start weight and my mid-way(ish) point. I still need and want to lose 45ish-50 more pounds, but I will tell ya, as a teenager who was so active in swimming, I was never below 155! So I am setting my goals high and I WILL CRUSH IT!


Since swimming, I have seen more changes in my body than really the scale but hey I am okay with that. I am feeling better than ever and on the days I have really bad anxiety, swimming has given me back a healthy outlet to release my inner voices.


I don’t have set work-outs, I just swim and make it up as I go… yesterday, I literally swam for an hour without stopping until I felt like my anxiety was gone. Other days I know what kind of sets I want to do…

First and foremost, these are my must have(s) for swimming:

A kick board (kicks which works you legs and hips even you back and abs if you do dolphin kick and it’s killer) and a pull buoy and paddle board… everyday I swim I use these three tools throughout my sets!

So I will give you some examples of what I do in the pool:


1 example:         500 yard warm-up (slower pace, but build speed last 200y)

500 Pull (using pull buoy and paddle)

500 Kick ( 100 yard free kick, 100 yard dolphin every other 100y)

5-100 yard sprints (now I can’t sprint a full 100 yards yet, so I make sure to sprint in between the flag, aka ‘the red zone” and focus on my arms in between zones)

       500 y Kick (same as above)

500 Yard SLOWWWWWW cool-down

Example 2:  500 yard warm up (slower building speed)

21-25 yard sprint (but rotating sprint just pulling, just kicking, and swimming full stroke)

600 yard (24 laps) warm down

Example 3:  500 Yard warm up (building speed)

400 yard pull

300 yard kick

200 yard full sprint (slow in red zone, fast in between)

500 yard cool down

So there you have it… I promise one day, when I am comfortable I will start sharing actual body progress but for now, I am still working to do better! I hope this post finds you doing well, and never stop giving up. Strive to do better and you will.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “let’s talk….

  1. Hello Cyster! I also have PCOS. The funny part is that I learned about it after I lost 35 lbs. I was at the dr’s office when she diagnosed me and told me that if I lost at lease 25 lbs the symptoms would disappear. So when I told her that I did have the new symptoms until I lost weight she didn’t have much to say other than to keep losing weight. SO I did. I started at 267.3 in April 2014 and lost 90 lbs in less than a year. I started having major hot-flashes, my periods disappeared and I started having even worse mood swings. And here I am now, gained 70 back and your post inspires me to keep trying the same old fight. Cheers Cyster, keep up the great work and be happy. =)

    Okole-maluna, Sonny


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