Howdy Y’all! I hope this Friday is going swell! It is that time of month again, update the weight calendar, confess my sins, ask for forgiveness, then set new goals. I usually post this blog on the first of the month but tomorrow is Saturday and I have a busy busy weekend; depending on where you are on this globe, it just may be Saturday but as of right now, it is Friday, March 31, 2017!

So lets just jump right into this and confess our sins of the month:

This month I went from busy to super busy…… not only has my school load increase, but my son’s schedule has increased. He officially has swim lessons twice a week for eight weeks and then gymnastic class once a week, and also they have open gym on Friday’s, he has been to every other one.   I STARTED SWIMMING AGAIN, last week! AH I have missed it so much but man am I outta shape. It feels amazing to be doing something I actually love and swimming is the best stress reliever. I literally have nothing on my mind in the pool, I am at my center and in my zone when I am swimming! I swim an hour at least four days a week. My best friend is going to join with me so we can start going to the gym and free classes together. They also have a boot camp which is included in my membership! Up until swimming again, I lacked on working out the first two weeks of this month, and my weight will reflect this… lets bring up the calendar: This month,


Let me break these numbers down:

From the first until the seventeenth, I only lost 2.7 pounds.. yikes

and then from the eighteenth until now, I lost 7.8 pounds; for a grand total of 10.5!

My goal I set last month was 11 pounds, so I was half a pound away, ugh. Oh well I have high hopes for April. It’s my son’s b-day month and I will be working my tail off in the pool!  The Good News is, I am more than half way now to my final goal!!!! YAY according to my fav. app, I am 54.5 % done! I have 32.5 pounds to go by June!  Slowly but surely, I am doing it.




-11 pounds

– swim 3 days a week, and gym twice

-keep on track on the diet

-Hunter’s b-day!

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