Wednesday: Truth

Well Hi Y’all!!!


I know I haven’t posted much…….. life has consumed me, last week was spring break and I actually spent it with my mother. We went to Round Top, Texas and shopped until we dropped! If y’all don’t know about the shopping there, google it. If you’re looking for rustic antique stuff, that is your place! and if you love Joanna Gaines as much as I do, this stuff is so Joanna, ha.

My son started swim lessons two days a week and gymnastics one day plus a Friday night out, type of program….. my weeks have been BUSY. Busy child, busy mom, plus school, plus a farm… remind me to breathe.

SO, now that we are caught up…. my weight.… this month…. ahhhhhh must I tell???!!!.

I think I have lost only like four pounds in the last three weeks… while it is still good because it isn’t a gain... I know I could have done better, I haven’t “worked out” since two weeks ago. Last week other than working around the farm, I kinda really lost it. Then last week on spring break,  I did eat PIZZA, a chickfila chicken biscuit, and half of my serving at the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory.  I know, I know… but we are being honest here! The great news is, I am back on it this week and I joined the local YMCA to start SWIMMING AGAIN!!! AHHH my true love! I was a swimmer for 14 years and I miss that exercise so much! So the days my son goes to swim, I will swim for an hour, yay. Other days I can go to the gym and take any of the classes they offer, plus they have free childcare while you’re working out up to two hours a day. SWEET!

Let me tell ya, shopping for competitive swim suits (for lap swimming) was depressing… I still remember my suit size, and well I have gone up SEVERAL sizes since High School… ahhhhh, there is my motivation. I am just teasing, I know I am not the young girl I once was and probably will never be as athletic again, but it still hurts my heart that I allowed myself to gain weight considering how healthy and athletic I once was! Oh well life….

I promise I will do better this next coming week to produce more blogs.. I just haven’t felt inspired much. Maybe my mother distracts me or life consumed me, but the focus is back, the struggles are still real, but I am still fighting!!!!

Until next time, with all my love,


Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

–Thomas Edison

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