Welcome To The Farm

One thing I spend most my time on is the lives I am responsible for keeping alive, not just human lives but animals who are family. I love each one of these creatures, they all have their own personalities. My husband doesn’t understand why I keep wanting more animals if I don’t ever plan on eating them (EXCEPT THE EGGS). The best way I explained to him was, I form a relationship with my babies and they trust me, I could never EAT ANYTHING that once had trust in me lol. I REALLY WANT turkeys, but my husband doesn’t understand the “point” in raising turkeys. I grew up on my little farm! I once had all of this as a kid, I was raised taking care and loving animals and it is something I want for my son. It is hard-smelly never ending work, but I love this life! Here are some of my babies (not including my dog boys)

My Pigs names are: Piggy Minaj (top black pig), Piggy Smalls (black pig, pink nose), and Kevin Bacon (the white pig).

My goats names are Billy & Bob.

And we don’t name the chickens, they’re called chicken lol.

Later on this week I am building a DIY Chicken Tractor, which I am gonna post online, if you’re into chickens, you might want to check it out! 😉 happy Tuesday, y’all!

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