MY GOODNESS! I can not believe it is already three months into the year already! I am finish with one of my eight-week courses this week and start another eight-week course next week! I am actually excited because it is a physical credit so that means I actually have a better reason to workout every day (maybe)! This month I did well! I reached my goal of ten pounds I set for myself last month! I didn’t workout as much as last month, I can no lie. The last, I want to say two weeks I have been so consumed in class work!! Sometimes taking online classes are hard, since you have to teach yourself, especially taking more than 12 hrs at a time! ANYWHO, lets get to last months weight-loss and this months new goals! DRUM ROLL PLEASE….16998911_10154273730595887_353083002971540815_n.jpg

ALMOST 12 pounds, not to bad! This brings me to a total of 29 pounds even since December 30,2016!!!

March’s Goals:

  • Weight loss: 11 pounds, which will set me at 40 pounds and 20 pounds to go!
  • I need to get more active again, between college and not having the energy, Feb. I slacked on this.
  • Diet: I am doing pretty well sticking to a low-carb diet, however some days I just don’t feel like eating and barley eat. So I need to make sure I am reaching my calorie goal this month!!!!!
  • SCHOOL: keep on keepin’ on!

I hope y’all are having a wonderful day, we are half way through the week!


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