Liebster Award


“The Liebster award is a chance to get to know fellow bloggers! I’ve been asked the following questions and then it will be my turn to nominate others and ask them some questions of my own.”

I was so very kindly chosen by, Living Lighter In Atlanta and I couldn’t be anymore excited! This is my first tag as blogger, so thank you for that Valerie! I love Valerie’s blog for many different reason but the one that sicks out the most for me is, our blogs are very similar in the sense our kids are our focus and sense of inspiration! Mommies against the world I would like to think of it. Our creative energies are put forth in our blogs, and that is why I love following, Living Lighter In Atlanta!

Now for the FUN part, the Questions!

  1. What’s something in your life that is unexpected?

    I have had so much happen in my life that I never expected to happen. Between getting diagnosed with PCOS, actually loosing  my dad by the age of 20, having my son was a surprise, and not being in the place I once thought I would be in by the age of 26. I wouldn’t change my life path, but my entire life is unexpected. I never know what direction the wind might take me. I just try to do my best, when I can.  BUT WHAT TRULY IS A MIRACLE is achieving 4.0 semesters while raising my chaotic family and dealing with my own anxieties.Are you following the same religious beliefs that you grew up with?

  2. Are you following the same religious beliefs that you grew up with?.

    Well I grew up in the Presbyterian Church. I attended every Sunday and went to youth group, mission trips, and church camp. But if we are being honest, I was only there because I was a social butterfly and all my friends went to my church. While I grew up believing in God, Jesus, I never really cared about learning the true meaning of my faith. It wasn’t until 3 years into my marriage where I really seeked God’s face. I was struggling and suidcial, I needed help and knew I couldn’t get it from any one other than Him. I went back to my old church and didn’t feel welcomed, on top of that a bunch of the members who knew me as a child kept asking how my father was doing not knowing he had passed away. The wounds were still fresh and I couldn’t handle being in the church. This is when I found my current church home! The minute I stepped foot into my first sermon and heard the message I knew I had found HOME.  Long story short, I still have the same beliefs as I did as a child. However, my beliefs now are based on my own learn and relationship with the Lord not because of my parents influence.

  3. What is a special calendar date for you that has nothing to do with marriage, birth, or death? What happened on that date?

    September 07, 2014 My husband and I were baptized holding hands in front of our church, parents and son! It was the most special moment I think I ever had with my husband and family!

  4. Have you ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or another another emotional issue? What technique, person, and/or treatment did you find the most beneficial?

    Every day of my life. I struggle with anxiety and have struggled with depression, which both runs in the family! For me to battle my inner demons, I have really had to come to get to know myself fully. Every day I take time to just be alone and meditate into my own thoughts. I have also found what kind-of makes me tick as far as my anxiety (when I am having an attack it comes out in the form of anger and impatience), so I try to avoid situations which will push me over “my edge”. When I recognize I am getting upset, I either start my deep breathing to work me through it while mentally telling myself to calm down and force the thoughts outta my head or I remove myself from whatever situation I am in entirely until I am back to my normal self.  OF course, I could be on medication to help me out, but one day I will share my story on why I refuse to take pills unless my life depends on it. (my father)

  5. When was the last time that you felt a sense of wonder and/or awe?

    It was in Galveston this past week. We took a spontaneous drive to the beach! We had the entire beach alone and were just soaking up the memories as a family of three. It was such a peaceful and amazing time! I literally looked back at my boys and saw the love we have created and it amazes me!


My Nominees are:

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I am not too sure on how many questions to ask or post so I am gonna pick an always good number, 7! My questions are:

1. When you created you blog, did you have a vision or inspiration on the direction your wanted your blog to go?

2. If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?

3.What’s your greatest achievement to date?

4. Do you need to see things before you believe them?

5. Do you have any questions you are scared to ask yourself?

6.  If you could send a message to the entire world, what would you say in 30 seconds?

7. When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone?

If you accept this award, answer my questions and tag some fellow bloggers you enjoy to read and make up some of your very own questions. I can’t wait to see how y’all reply! 

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