Happy Thursday y’all…. YOU want me to hit you with the good news or the bad first?! Okay lets start off by proudly announcing, the scale moved and I officially hit 15 POUNDS gone since 12.30.16! WHATTTT, I am beyond thrilled, though it moved only a pound for the last week, it is still moving and not going back up!

So for my last two-days, oh just wait, my hot water heater broke yesterday which to replace and install cost me a total of $995! My computer cord stopped charging, so I am waiting on Dell to send me a new one. (mind you I just bought this laptop two months ago!), FML. LAST night my son wakes up screaming his ear hurts, so off to the doctor we go this A.M., and I am pretty sure it’s an ear infection. LETS ADD THE TOPPING TO THIS SHIT CAKE NOW, MY DRYER BROKE THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!! HOW AM I SUPPOSE to go have a nice “relaxing vaca” with just the hubby this weekend, with all of this shit going on….. We never take time for ourselves and the minute we spend money on a very nice hotel, everything wants to break…. breaking my heart I will tell ya.

Of course, my struggles are not near as bad as others. My stuff can be replaced, but it is so frustrating to deal with all of this. I didn’t sleep last night and I have three test and a paper to write by midnight tomorrow. I swear some days I feel so good, but today my anxiety is so high! I can feel it in my hands. Do you ever get that?! I clench my fist a lot when I am stressed! I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. How many times do I need to think this, until I believe myself. Needless to say, I AM taking a break today and not working out this A.M.!  OH WELL…. off to the doctors we go!

Have a blessed day y’all!

With much love,


Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.

-Valerie Bertinelli

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