So today hubby and I went and bought a new truck! Woohoo, my birthday is next week and my hubby gets a new truck……. while we were waiting on financing to get sorted we whipped our way over to the mall just to kill time and walk around. OF COURSE, mama needed new lotion from Bath & Body, because who could ever have enough of cotton & lemonade lotion?!!!! (MY FAV) As we went into the store I get to chatting with the sales clerk and my husband wonders off. I see him pass me several time, my back was towards him but I was facing the direction he was heading,  I just thought he was looking around. I was talking to the lady who work there and if we could be besties, I think we would have been… we sat there and chatted, finally as I am paying my husband walks up to me and says, “oh there you are, I have been looking for you….” Um okay… I have been in the same SMALL store as you…

As we left the, my husband ask, “can I pay you a compliment but I really don’t want to offend you” ummm okay an offensive compliment?!!! HE SAYS when we were in the store I was looking for you… now I saw “you” but didn’t click that it was you (I had my back towards him) then he says, okay not to offend you but I was looking for my bigger size wife….I can for sure tell you’re losing weight!”

UMMMMMMMMMM THANKS!!!! MY HUSBAND DIDN’T recognize me from the back!!! NSV! Makes me happy to know my hard work is starting to pay off! I feel so much better both mentally, emotionally and PHYSICALLY. I am so excited to see where I will be in 6 months or a year from now… UNTIL THEN, keep on keepin on y’all. Have a blessed night!


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