Happy Thursday.


Happy Thursday y’all! This week has flown by! I started the spring semester on Tuesday, and I am feeling so confident. I have applied for every scholarship I could find for this fall, so fingers crossed, this mama gets some help. I would love for nothing more to go to school and not have to worry about the financial part of doing it. Raising a family on one income can be challenging and many sacrifices are to be made, but never in my life would I take back those stresses. It is a blessing to have been with my son for his entire life. Day in, and day out, I have raised him. He is my world, he is my pride, and he is my muse.

ON TOP OF SCHOOL, drum roll please….. I AM DOWN ANOTHER THREE POUNDS! This Friday will be three weeks since I have put any my poison in my body. Everything I have consumed has been whole foods and I prepared it. I drink at least 80-100 OZ of water a day, sometimes more.. As for my workouts, I knock em out first thing in the morning. I always do abs, I’ll find YouTube videos or I have a free-trial to beachbody online. Then I do 30 minutes of yoga, and I noticed the difference in my strength and endurance.To finish it off, I’ll do a little bit of weights (very light, 8 lbs, 10 lbs and 15 pounds) Included is squats ect. things like that. I try to change it up. Also some days, I just go outside and play soccer with my son or if my hubby gets off a bit earlier, I jog or fast-walk. I just try to move as much as I can. I DO LOVE yoga though, even the beginners stage is hard for me, but I just like pushing myself. My son loves when I do yoga, he likes to climb on me or under me, it is a game to him. He will even get on the floor and do sit ups with me. It is very funny, but very cute. It gives me more drive to keep moving forward. That little boy sees me doing what I should be doing and now I am setting the example I need to set for him.


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