It doesn’t start with a Lifestyle change…..

Losing weight and working on your health does take a lifestyle overhaul, but before you can be successful at that you must change the way you think. How you think and feel about yourself, how you think about the effects of your new changes and why you’re actually wanting to lose weight, and how you think about life overall. Now all of the time we can’t be happy. Life does knock us down, but to be mentally strong means, you keep on keeping on. (if you haven’t noticed in prior post, I love saying that)

Set backs are there. They are going to be thrown at us in every direction. Bills, kids, work, our health… it all takes a toll, but every day wake up and stand tall! No matter what struggles you face, you’re going to be okay. You will persevere, believe in your ability and don’t let those stresses rise so high, that it consumes you.

I know easier said than done. I suffer from severe anxiety. I am a stay-at-home-mom, raising a kid, a farm, a full-time college student (I am taking 18 hrs this semester)  and I struggle with my inner battles daily. However, I have taken a step back and realized that when it is all said and done, I am okay. I will survive, and I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to.

Here are ways I have grown to be more mentally stronger:

  • It started with making goals and crushing them

For me, my first goal that boosted my confidence was enrolling back into college (6 hrs) and completing those two classes with A’s. From there on I have increased my work load, worked hard and still pulled off 4.0 semesters, even taking more than full-time (12) credited hours.

Crush the goal, set a new one, & never stop.

  • Take deep breaths

    When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a step back and breathe. Seriously! Breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 5, release for 7 & repeat until you feel yourself calming down. I do this ten times a day and it has help me effectively deal with my anxiety.

  • Talk yourself up

    Take a moment everyday, perhaps every morning, and talk to yourself. You are your own cheerleader. Only YOU can accomplish your goals. Get rid of the negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with positive ones. ” I know I need to lose weight…I am so fat” instead tell yourself “today, I will choose to do better and work towards my health” EVERY DAY is a decision to make. Will you do better than yesterday or will you be stuck in a place you don’t even want to be at. At the end of the day, it is your actions that cause your outcome.

  • Change the way you think

    Again that kind of goes with all the things stated above. You can look at your life with negative glasses on  or you can choose to look at it with a more loving approach. Cut yourself slack, and if given the choice, choose the harder route, don’t always look for the easy way out. (most  of the time: more risk, more rewards)

  • Learn yourself

    For me it has taken me many hours on the back porch alone, talking to God and to my Dad who passed away, to realize why I do the things I do and why I think the way I think. I won’t go into detail, now, but ever since I have taken the efforts to really understand ME, I have progressed more in my ability to deal with my life.


    It takes someone strong to see through commitment. No matter what it is, if you decide to commit, COMMIT.Work your hardest and never give up.

Life is a mindset. Your abitiltes are limitless. You can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. You are worth it. Always do better.


“Today and onwards, I stand proud, for the bridges I’ve climbed, for the battles I’ve won, and for the examples I’ve set, but most importantly, for the person I have become. I like who I am now, finally, at peace with me…”
― Heather James

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t start with a Lifestyle change…..

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