To all the moms out there

Hi fellow mom. I hope your kids are behaving for you but who am I kidding they’re probably not. Just breathe mom, bedtime is almost near. I want to talk about something that I am guilty of, and I have seen A LOT of other fellow mama’s out there struggling with…….

You matter. Your mind matters. Your happiness matters. Your health matters. Too often we get caught up in life; marriages, bills, kids, school projects, trying to maintain our sexy, or if you’re like me, trying to get that sexy back, that we lose sight of who we are, HUMANS. We are one person. yes YOU ARE A PERSON, I know I forget too.

Too often we are focused on the well-being of our loved once, we stop loving ourselves and our focus tends to be re-prioritized. But so often we forget, we can’t be all these things we want to be without taking care of ourselves first! It is not selfish to put yourself first sometimes. There should be no guilt associated trying to better you life. In doing so, you can be the strong mother your kids and family needs.

It really hit me hard, when I was speaking with some other women on a weight loss support FB group I am in. They were trying to come up with, “what is the best way to lose weight”. I literally have seen ideas from, “five-day water fast” “eating 500 calories a day” “asking if this drug or that over the counter drug was safe”, you catch my drift. I engaged in a conversation about how in the last two weeks, clean eating (and the amount I should, no less) and changing the way I think, my mindset has transformed my life already! Many of them said well I don’t have time to do that, between work and kids, I can’t do it; or other answers were along the line, it is too expensive, my family won’t eat clean with me….” EXCUSES. Chances are if you know you shouldn’t be eating that, your kids probably shouldn’t be either.

My mind was blown. YES I WAS THAT WOMAN! I have made so MANY excuses. I have quit everything I have tried, and I wanted the easy way out. All I saw was numbers on the scale but what we need to focus on is not those numbers, its our inner body/mind and our physical health. We can not expect to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight if we aren’t ready to choose a healthy lifestyle. (I am not saying you can’t live a little and eat the pizza you want, but you should know the limits) You can not be healthy still eating and living the way, which got you to where you’re at. There is no pill, there is no secret. I am a firm believer in food is medicine. Get down to the essentials and work from there.

I am in no way a dr, or expert on fitness & health, I am just someone who is trying to do better, by getting back to the basics. Every morning I get up and have ten minutes of time where I can think. I literally tell myself everyday that I will choose to do better. I will not be bound to my old habits. AND I will not be held down by an excuse. Everyday is a struggle, but everyday it gets easier. Look deep down and find it within you to pull through and dedicate yourself to your health both physically and mentally. Nothing is stopping you from achieving your best other than your mind. We can do it. YOU can do it. Choose to do better. DO NOT SETTLE for anything less. FIND A WAY.


“In fact that is why the lives of most women are so vaguely unsatisfactory. They are always doing secondary and menial things (that do not require all their gifts and ability) for others and never anything for themselves. Society and husbands praise them for it (when they get too miserable or have nervous breakdowns) though always a little perplexedly and half-heartedly and just to be consoling. The poor wives are reminded that that is just why wives are so splendid — because they are so unselfish and self-sacrificing and that is the wonderful thing about them! But inwardly women know that something is wrong. They sense that if you are always doing something for others, like a servant or nurse, and never anything for yourself, you cannot do others any good. You make them physically more comfortable. But you cannot affect them spiritually in any way at all. For to teach, encourage, cheer up, console, amuse, stimulate or advise a husband or children or friends, you have to be something yourself. […]”If you would shut your door against the children for an hour a day and say; ‘Mother is working on her five-act tragedy in blank verse!’ you would be surprised how they would respect you. They would probably all become playwrights.”
― Brenda Ueland

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