Trader Joe’s

If ya haven’t figured out Trader Joe’s is my love. It is like the grocery store version of Target. I go in for one thing and walk out with everything. Everything I buy is organic and is so much more AFFORDABLE than produce at the local Kroger’s or HEB.  Other than Trader Joe’s, for food I shop at Kroger. I love to coupon and Kroger’s is my hook up, but I tend to only buy bacon, maybe fresh gulf shrimp, laundry & cleaning supplies, and my boy’s foods they love. (they love Oreos and chocolate milk).

*Oh side note, when I say “boys” I mean my three-year old son and my Husband, who has the diet of a three year old.

My local Trader Joe’s

It takes me about thirty minutes to drive here, but it is so worth it. I bring my cooler bags for all the frozen stuff & meat. Saturday when I went, my husband stayed home with my son and for once I got to shop KID FREE! It was a treat let me tell ya! This is what I picked up:


Produce included: 

-2 avocados ($1.49 each)

– Organic Grapes ($3.99)

-2 bags of organic lemons ($1.69 a bag)

-bananas ($.19 each)

-2 Bags of organic power greens ($1.99 a bag)

-Organic Green onions ($.99)

-Sauerkraut ($3.99)

-Organic Mushrooms ($2.29)

-Organic jalapeno ($1.29)

-Organic Zucchini ($2.99)

-Minced Garlic ($1.69)

-Ghee (I belive it was $3.99)

Meats Included: 


-Hamburger Patties ($4.49)

-Pepperoni’s ($2.99)

-Organic cage-free chicken ($15.20)

I did get some bacon at Kroger’s along with shrimp this week. I also tried those pepperoni’s and to be honest, they weren’t my fav. and probably won’t be buying that kind again. It had added smoke flavor, which I didn’t read on the package, and the taste wasn’t for me. With the Texan’s and Cowboy’s playing this weekend, my husband wanted to grill! I had one HB patty with some yellow mustard, pickles and mixed greens. It was fabulous. Along with that I did treat myself to TWO jalapeno poppers with bacon and dairy free cream cheese. YUM.  I forgot to take a picture of this cream cheese, but this is the one I got from Trader Joe’s. (Thanks google for the pic) I purchased it for $2.49trader-joes-vegan-cream-cheese-review.jpg

Frozen foods Included:


I have tons of asparagus (another veggie I love) already in the freezer so I didn’t need to pick up much.

-brocoli ($1.99)

-Fajita veggies ($2.99)

-Veggie breakfast links ($3.79)


-Clarified Butter

-Organic Power Greens


– & my favorite protein of all time, chicken!

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