GOOD MORNING Y’ALL! HAPPY MONDAY TO YOU! This morning, I OFFICIALLY HIT TEN POUNDS gone! Struggling with PCOS, losing a pound, sometimes seems impossible but in the last two & a half weeks, I have lost ten of them! I have been struggling since Wednesday, my weight remained the same. TO THE EXACT OUNCE I weighed the same Wednesday-Sunday! Regardless of my frustration (and I knew i shouldn’t be weighing daily) I kept on keeping on and did not give up or give in this weekend.


On top of my weight goal, I survived another weekend! Weekends are hard for me. Since my hubby is a very active man, he eats anything he wants and can still lose weight! He sickens me. hehe. Weekends are our, go-out-to-eat every chance you can, but I can say it has been since DEC 29th, I have personally cooked my own food! I  have remained loyal to the fact that I have huge goals and through you can still manage eating “healthy” while dining out, I have chosen for the first three months of my journey to not eat out. One, it saves money, two, I know exactly what I am putting in my food, and three, It is much easier to not cheat when you’re at home with the choice of nothing really bad in the fridge. I am was addicted to food and eating out, so for me personally, I really want to be able to say I have changed my behavior before stepping foot into some of the places I use to binge at.

I do have a Trader Joe’s haul to add to the blog and I planned on posting it today but when I stepped on the scale and saw it moved another whole pound, I literally jumped for joy. I feel as though I have been rejuvenated and what I am doing, is what I need to be doing for my body and my health. I am strong, and I know I can do this!

My period did come back on Saturday, and like I posted before I had reason to suspect that the reason for my lack of weight loss last week was because of Aunt Flow, well I guess I am starting to get to know my body a little more. It is so foreign to me, not only am I losing weight, I am getting my menstrual cycle back……I know that doesn’t sound fun but when your hubby wants another baby within the next three years, it is nice to know my body is somewhat working the way it should now.

Until next time…


“You need to have faith in yourself. Be brave and take risks. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward.”
― Roy T. Bennett

2 thoughts on “IT HAPPENED

    1. hehe me too. some times it is motivation, other times, it is not my friend. oh well thats part of the struggles. 🙂 have a wonderful monday! Thank you so much for reading!


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