One of Those Days….

Happy Friday, Y’all!


I swear my nerves have been tested lately. Don’t you ever just feel that way. I am not sure what my problem is but today…. I am not havin’ it. This is the final week of my mini-mester course, hallelujah, andddd I start the Spring semester Tuesday, another 18 hrs! OH, I see why I am crabby, I like to stress myself out. As you can see from the picture above, a test is due, but so is nap time. Mommy > Student. While both of those titles are blessings in their own respect, my baby boy comes first. (no pressure, the test is only timed…)

You know times like these, when I am just in my funk, I need to realize, “I’ve got this.” Up until writing this post, all day (it is now noon, but I get up at 5), I have lost sight of my purpose.  These are my daily struggles. I know I am tough, I know I can do anything I set my mind to, but sometimes I fail to upkeep that mindset. I’ve been doing well, I seriously think I am PMS-ing. I mean, sorry tmi, but YALLLL, last night was the first time I have felt cramping in a LONGGGGG time. I have been eating clean for the last two-ish weeks, I am not sure if that is enough time to kind-of reset your menstrual cycle, but my non-existent Aunt Flow is coming back raving.

Update on my healthy journey….. I THOUGHT I would be sharing the “TEN POUND LOST” post today, since today is TWO WEEKS from when I started my change, but ha, my body doesn’t like me… I have been flirting with 9.5 for the last two days. OH well, I am eating right! I will have to do a haul this weekend of my groceries but last week I went to TRADER JOE’S (LOVE) and got everything organic. I cut dairy, grains, pastas, stuff like that outta my diet. I found a new love in GHEE! I am a lover of chicken, I even have a few girls of my own, they lay us fresh eggs every morning.


Her name is nugget, she’s my fav! (I have more but nugget’s the coolest). Back to my diet, I usually eat left overs from dinner, with a bowl of greens. SPINACH is my favorite, I literally crave it raw..mmmm and I  LOVE Trader Joe’s mixed power greens:98088-organic-power-to-the-greens.png


-One whole brown egg and one egg white

-bowl of greens

-sometimes half an avocado

– 2/3 days, I bake bacon in the oven


-Left overs from the night before


(sometimes I will eat a snack before lunch to stretch lunch out or after between dinner)


-Turkey and cucumbers

-Celery and organic TJ’s peanut butter



(have I mentioned my love for chicken)

with tons of greens!

(usually mixed green or spinach, with whatever green I will cook up”

I am putting in the effort to eat clean, I really want to be healthy and overcome my old lifestyle, however at this point I love the way I feel eating this and drinking my water. Sure it was hard, but it is even harder knowing you’re killing yourself, when you look at your son. I know I am a little frustrated with not being at 10 pounds yet, but let me tell y’all, I do feel so much better.

I have noticed the top of my belly is flattening, I can officially touch my toes, my hips are shrinking and my jaw line is starting to get a little more defined, I don’t look so swollen in my neck. I have more energy, I CAN NOT nap, like I CAN’T. Don’t let me fool y’all after my test, I did try to take a nap with my cuddle buddy, but I couldn’t I had to get up….

Thanks for reading this far, I do feel so much better now! Sometimes I get trapped in my head..

With much love,


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