The first goal of this year, I accomplished yesterday! I received my acceptance letter to SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY, y’all!!!!!


It took me SIX year to go back to college, and when I did I basically had to start over! One, between the grades I had (I never went to class, I ALWAYS skipped but that is another story for another time) and the courses I did have, which were credits for my first major (ec 6-8) they did not go along with the degree plan of my new major. I am now 12 hours away from graduating with my AA, and then this fall, I am officially a bearkat! When I went back to school, I was denied financial aid, so I had to eat that and pay for it out-of-pocket. I didn’t have anymore excuses, I knew I needed to finish what I had started. It feels like just yesterday I started back at Lone Star College, now I can see my AA.

I have worked hard over the past two years, I have taken more than 12 hours a semester, stayed home with my son and raised him, took care of a farm, but I neglected my body. However, it was earning A’s that I think built my confidence back up. When I started back my GPA was embarrassing, I have now raised it more than 2.5 points and for the last TWO SEMESTERS, I made the dean’s list! FOUR SEMESTERS, achieving 4.0’s! Hard work is good. Hard work is rewarding! It has for sure been a building block of my confidence in overcoming harder obstacles.

I only hope to carry out these academic achievements. Not only do I have HUGE health goals, my educational goals might trump that! After I finish my BA, I plan on taking my GRE and applying to Texas A&M, they have a three-year PH.D. program and you also receive your M.A.; two birds, one stone! ONE STEP AT A TIME TOUGH!

Until then, IMMA GO DO SOME YOGA, because ya know, GOALS!



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